Peel-able water-based paint can be applied to the surface of various articles.

After the water naturally evaporates, the paint will solidify into a solid color protective film. After drying, the film is waterproof, oil-proof and rust-proof,

The paint can be easily peeled off from the original surface without any residue, and will not reduce the smoothness of the original surface.

Apply surface: glass,wood,plastic, fiberglass, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, mirror metal, ceramic, paint, leather.

Typical applications: mobile phone, notebook, car interior, paint, furniture, home appliances, leather, and other surface need coating‘s protection


1. Water-based paint is easy to spray, it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless to the human body.

2. The solid content in the aerosol is high, it is insoluble in water and common solvent after curing, and it is transparent to the original surface. It has insulation, oil resistance, salt water resistance, dilute acid, alkali, abrasion resistance, rust prevention, and oxidation resistance. Color change characteristics.

3. Can be used in confined environments such as indoors and cars.

4. peelable: After the film is solidified or during the protection period, can be removed with the hand without any residue on the original surface.

5. Weather resistance: This product can have a long service life against serving outdoor environments.

6. Tightness: The membrane is closely adsorbed to the surface, which is waterproof and oil-proof, and does not fall off under the washing impact.

7. Insulation: The film is heat insulation and non-conduction.

8. Ornamental: This paint can be arbitrarily added with various colors and optical improvers, and the paint has excellent gloss (matte and smooth surface).


1. Cleaning: The working site needs to remove dust first, and the surface of the workpiece needs to be cleaned and remove dirt and moisture.

2. Covering:uses adhesive tape fix covers (newspaper or polyethylene film) to where does not need to be painted for preventing over-spraying.

3. Spraying: liquid paint should be sprayed evenly on the surface of the workpiece (the nozzle should be approximately 15-20cm away from the workpiece surface). In case peeling the paint someday, the paint film should be sprayed continuously.

         Color paint: spraying three layers. Spraying work of the different layer should give an interval over 15 minutes.  

         Luminous paint: the white base should be sprayed three layers.  Then spray three layers of the polish paint.

4. Drying: The paint film will start getting dry within 15 minutes under room temperature, and totally dried within 2 hours.

        The cover must be removed during the paint remain wet to avoid the paint being torn break when it gets dried. 

        Leave the sprayed paint film drying for 24 hours to let the film get maximum elasticity, toughness, and suction, which keep the paint a bright color, smooth and flat. 

5. Peeling: The undried paint film(within 2h after sprayed) can be removed with Water /Ethanol or gasoline.

         The dried paint(over 24 h) can be peeled off with the hand.

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