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Idemitsu ZEPRO automobile lubricating oil SN0W20

  • Idemitsu ZEPRO automobile lubricating oil SN0W20

Idemitsu ZEPRO lubricants SN0W20

 Idemitsu ZEPRO lubricating oil are well known legendary lubricants for car enthusiasts.

There are two kinds of packaging. One is produced in Tianjin. China, one is produced in Japan, its composition and quality are the same. Japanese product is 4L metal box packaging(as shown in the pic above). The Chinese product is 5L plastic bottle packaging. For the practical convenience (most of the car using lubricating oil is 4.3 ~ 4.8L) we suggest picking plastic bottle packaging better.

The quality of the lubricating oil is excellent, and SN grade of its brand is fully synthetic oil. Compared with mineral oil or semi-synthetic oil, full synthetic oil has the stronger antioxidant capacity and is therefore difficult to oxidize and the lubrication ability is difficult to degrade under high-temperature.

Japanese car engines generally use SN0W20 / SN5W30 and other low viscosity lubricants, compared to the European cars commonly used 5W40 lubricants, low viscosity lubricants are thinner which greatly reduces the resistance of the engine parts, in addition, the use of Idemitsu ZEPRO Lubricants can also significantly reduce vehicle fuel consumption.

Most of the wear of the car engine is caused by cold start, the oil within the oil tank has not been splashed to other parts by the crankshaft, no lubricating oil attached to the piston, piston arm, valve shaft and other partswhich lead the wear and tear. The outstanding feature of the Idemitsu ZEPRO lubricating oil is tantamount to add a unique molybdenum-based lubricant additive component (molybdenum is a high-end dry lubricant for machine tool& bearing. It is more resistant to high temperature than the grease). The use of a Idemitsu ZEPRO-lubricating oil allows the surface of the metal to be coated with a thin layer of molybdenum-based lubricating film so that even if the engine is not lubricated by the oil at the time of cold start, the metal surface attached film of molybdenum can against & reduced the friction of each component movement, which protects the engine from wear caused by the cold start

(Another lubricant technology pathway is using organic nano-components attached to the metal surface to reduce the cold start wear, relatively Idemitsu ZEPRO technology pathway is more effective)

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Idemitsu ZEPRO automobile lubricating oil SN0W20

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