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Peel and Stick Tile - Custom Design

  • Peel and Stick Tile - Custom Design

Custom Design of Peel and Stick Tile

Existing design and products in the market can't satisfy you?

Can't find your desired texture or pattern? 

We believe that the personality of each individual should get their own pathway to reveal.

Now, Let us help you to realise your wishes.

The price is for per Square Meter. 

We recommend using no less than 16 pieces of standard peel & stick tiles per square meter.

Customized Order Process

  1. Send us your design, by photos or pictures as attachments via Email to, or ask us to design for you. 
  2. Submit your order. Purchase and pay online.
  3. A sample will be produced for checking.
  4. Production usually takes around 15~20 business days.
  5. Delivery takes around 7 business days (limited in Main cities in North American, European, East Asia).
  6. DIY and enjoy your own design!

Case show

The Self-Adhesive Tile can be easily attached to the following surfaces: Glass, Wood, Painted Wall, Ceramic Tiles,  Moldy Wall, other flat surfaces. 

It is Waterproof, Oil-proof, Moisture-proof, Anti-Mould, Corrosion-proof.

Just peel and stick, easy to install it. All you need is a ruler, a pencil, a cloth and a pair of scissor.

This project will save you lots of time and money compared with the real tile. And there is no worry the tile isn’t fit the size of your wall as it is easy to cut.

Easy Do It Yourself

Step 1-Please thoroughly clean and dry your wall.

Step 2-Overlap the tiles and grout lines, peel off the backing and stick side by side for a seamless appearance.

Step 3-Press firmly after confirming the place.

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Peel and Stick Tile - Custom Design

  • AUD $160.0

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