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3D printer Filament (1.75mm PLA-Carbon Fiber 0.5Kg)

3D printing Filament (1.75mm PLA-Carbon Fiber 0.5Kg)

Overview and double-check the details of items before purchasing is helpful and necessary for both safety & economic reason. 

Poly-lactic acid (PLA) with short Carbon Fiber material can print out the stronger components, suitable for printing component against large torsion. It also has the electric conductivity,

CAUTIONS:: This material’s performance is superior, even print thin-walled products, recommend setting a bit HIGHER PRINTING FILLING RATE than usual PLA and to prevent blockage(Carbon fiber is easy to blockage), print nozzle diameter suggested MORE THAN 0.6mm

Carbon fibre printer filament is produced by adding carbon fibres in the PLA; In general, it has the advantages of lightweight and strong rigidity,Is a kind of ideal high-performance printing materials 

Carbon fiber + PLA formula has many excellent properties:
Carbon fiber can provide high axial intensity and elasticity modulus, low density, the parts printed almost never creep,It has good fatigue resistance in high temperature and oxidation environment

Printing Technology: FDM 
Platform Temperature: 0~60°C
Nozzle Temperature: 200~230°C(210°C is recommended) 

---line plate---
Outer diameter: 165 mm
Inner diameter:58 mm
plate height: 78 mm

Filament Diameter: 1.75mm 
Filament Type: PLA-Carbon Fiber 
Filament Colors: BLACK 

--- Compatible equipment ---
RepRap、Makerbot、Ultimaker、Mendel、Huxley UP、WeisTek、Thing-o-matic、Ult & etc.

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3D printer Filament (1.75mm PLA-Carbon Fiber 0.5Kg)

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