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3D printer filament ( PC)

Please confirm the available colours with us before purchase. Thank you very much.


Overview and double-checking the details of items before purchasing is helpful and necessary for your benefit. 


PC (Polycarbonate)

PC is an excellent kind of engineering materials. 

It has balanced mechanical characters, outstanding high impact strength (equals 160% of the ABS material), chemical stability even under high temperature (capable of tolerances 140 ℃ )

PC also has excellent electrical and optical characteristics. It is easy for chromium plating and painting on it. 

PC is often used in the optical related area, such as making automobile lamp and lenses. However, due to the uneven density between different layers, PC cannot be used to print out samples with satisfactory optical performance via FDM method ).


Printing Technology: FDM 

Platform Temperature: 100~110°C(using heating baseboard is recommended )

Nozzle Temperature: 230~250°C (235°C is recommended) 

Weight: 1kg 

---line plate---

Outer diameter: 195 mm

Inner diameter:58 mm

plate height: 78 mm


Filament Diameter: 1.75mm /3mm

Filament Type:PC

Filament Colors: white/black/red/Transparent



--- Compatible Equipment ---

RepRap, Makerbot, Ultimaker, Mendel, Huxley UP, WeisTek, Thing-o-matic, Ult & etc.

--- Purchase Instruction ---

1. Items are stored in China, around 7-10 working days to delivery across NZ.

2. Price varies base on Forex rate and floating shipping prices.

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3D printer filament ( PC)

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